Joe Nimble SE


HumaraToes unisex

Size Guide

The airy humaraToes sandal is with you every step of the way, even on rough terrain. Thanks to an intelligent, quick-fastening strap system which can be adjusted to fit your instep precisely, the functional vegan sandal will always remain securely in place. It is suitable for both men, women and children, making it the ideal choice for outdoor pursuits and adventures, or for use as a running sandal.

Thanks to the 4 mm thick sole with a Vibram® tread combined with a non-slip footbed, the sandal can even handle wet conditions with ease. The toefreedom inherent to all Joe Nimble® designs also guarantees stability under foot at all times.

Stretch fabric straps with cord lock

remember to allow at least 4 mm of wiggle room for your toes.